Policies and Statements

Your rights and responsibilities

As health care providers, the staff of EACH recognise the partnership we have with our clients. Because that partnership is important to us, we try to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. As a result the following client rights and responsibilities demonstrate our commitment to this partnership.

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Protecting your privacy

All EACH employees are legally and ethically obliged to keep your personal and sensitive information private and secure. Sometimes, this information will need to be discussed with other employees directly involved in providing your services to make sure you get the best of care. Only authorised employees will access your information.

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Complaints and Feedback

We value your feedback, compliments, complaints, ideas and suggestions. To submit feedback or a complaint please fill in the online form within this page. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Sorry statement

EACH social and community health is committed to social justice, promotion of health and well being for all in the community. We acknowledge with deep sorrow the past injustices, mistreatment, and the failure to understand, respect and value the cultural beliefs of Australian Aborigines.

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Abuse and Neglect Statement

EACH is committed to ensuring that all people have the right to live their lives free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.  We take very seriously our duty of care to ensure that our clients are not exposed to any form of abuse or other forms of harm when accessing any of our services.

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