How we work with you

EACH child believes that children learn throughout the day wherever they are, whether with family or in an education and care setting. We recognize that families are central in all choices and decisions for their child. We believe that each child’s learning is unique and best occurs in a positive, safe and nurturing environment. This is why EACH childworks from a family centered approach to empower and support you and the important people in your child’s life to provide positive learning and development opportunities within your child’s daily routine.

EACH child utilises an evidence-based approach and aims to work in the child’s natural setting, acknowledging the diversity of each child and their family. We use a transdisciplinary Key Worker model and can flexibly tailor our services to meet your needs.

Transdisciplinary Key Worker model

What is a Key Worker?

A Key Worker is a professional with expertise in children’s development, who is appointed to be your main contact person for early childhood intervention services. In our service they may be a speech pathologist, occupational therapist or early childhood educator. Your Key Worker is part of a team of experienced professionals that support each other to provide best practice intervention to your child. A Key Worker seeks to unite your family’s strengths and knowledge with their expertise in children’s development, disability and developmental delay.
Your Key Worker will work in partnership with you to help you identify and address your child’s needs as part of your daily routines. We work with you and your child’s other care givers in your home, your child’s childcare, pre-school or school to better promote your child’s development. The Key Worker also provides emotional support, information and advice, advocacy, and co-ordination of services. A Key Worker can request specialist members of the team work with you for periods of time when specific guidance is required.

What does transdisciplinary mean?

A transdisciplinary team is a team of professionals such as occupational therapists, speech pathologists and educators who work together for the benefit of your child’s development. The family and the child are considered integral members of the transdisciplinary team.
Each family is allocated one team member to be their Key Worker and this person becomes your main contact for services on an ongoing basis. Key Workers seek advice and support from each other on a regular, ongoing basis and specialists provide input and support as needed.
Working with a transdisciplinary team means you do not have to co-ordinate a range of professionals separately or explain your story to multiple therapists. You and your Key Worker will tailor the way your package works to fit your child’s life and your child’s needs.