What we offer

Early Childhood Intervention is about much more than a therapist working directly with your child. Therapy simply means practical strategies put in place to improve a child’s capacities and learning. Research in this area clearly demonstrates that implementing these strategies within your child’s daily routines is far more effective than providing you with single sessions of direct therapy. As early childhood specialists the team at EACH child work with you to find ways to assist and enable your child to fully participate and learn in every part of their life.

Our Services

  • Early childhood intervention  and therapy services for children aged 0-12, using the Key Worker model in most cases. This is provided by our early childhood specialists comprising of early childhood educators, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists
  • Small Early Childhood Intervention Preschool groups for children aged 2-4.
  • Specialised advice, assessment and intervention as needed. We can bring in other specialised therapists as required and are willing to work collaboratively with other services you currently access.
  • Information and support for transitions to child care, preschool and school.
  • Emotional support, advocacy and service co-ordination for you and your child.