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Our Focus & Priorities

Our focus and Priorities

Based on the analysis of the Knox Community Assessment, the CTC Key Leaders and Community Board, identified the following risk factors as priorities for community attention:

  • Community Laws and Norms Favourable to substance use (Community Domain)
  • Low Commitment to School and Academic Failure (School Domain)
  • Family Conflict and Poor Family Management (Family Domain).

What are Risk Factors and Protective factors?

Risk and Protective factors exist in all domains of social development – community, family, school and individual/peers.   The risk factors used by CTC process have been shown to be reliable predictors of one or more of the five adolescent health and behaviour problems  (alcohol/drug  misuse, anti social behavior, early school leaving, violence, teen pregnancy) 

Risk factors are those elements in a young person’s environment that increase the likelihood of engaging in health compromising behaviour.

Protective factors are those that when present in a young persons’ developmental environment, provide a buffer between them and the development of health compromising behaviours.  Protective factors buffer exposure to risk.

Knox Priority Risk factors

Community Domain

Community Law and Norms Favourables to substance use

Communities where laws regulating alcohol and other drug use are poorly enforced have higher rates of youth alcohol and drug use, violence, and delinquency.  Further, rates of youth alcohol and drug use and violence are higher in communities where adults believe it is normal or acceptable for minors to use alcohol or other drugs

Example question: ‘How wrong would most adults in your neighbourhood think it is for kids your age to drink alcohol?’

School Domain

Low Commitment to School

Factors such as not liking school, spending little time on homework, and perceiving coursework as irrelevant are predictive of drug use, violence, delinquency and school dropout

Example question: ‘Now, thinking back over the past year in school, how often did you try to do your best work in school?’

Academic Failure

Beginning in the late primary school grades (grades 4-6), children who fall behind academically for any reason are at greater risk of drug abuse, school dropout, teenage pregnancy and violence.

Example question: ‘Putting them altogether, what were your marks like last year?’

Family Domain

Family Conflict

Children raised in families high in conflict are at risk for violence, delinquency, school dropout, teen pregnancy, and drug use

Example question/statement: ‘We argue about the same things in my family over and over again.’

Family Management

Parents’ use of inconsistent and/or unusually harsh or severe punishment with their children places the children at higher risk for substance use and other problem behaviours

Example question/statement: ‘The rules in my family are clear