EOI: COVID Head Lease Program

In an effort to support a range of community members to remain safe through the COVID pandemic, EACH Housing, a subsidiary and service of EACH,  is proud to be providing a Head Lease Program to support people to be in safe and secure housing at this challenging time.

We are now taking expressions of interest from real estate agents and property developers for vacant rental properties that will be leased across the Eastern and South-Eastern regions of Melbourne.

This program will provide a community member with an 18-month lease in the private rental market, as well as personal support through the period to address their health and wellbeing needs.

EACH Housing takes out the lease in its name, paying full market rent for the 18-month period. Head leasing is an attractive option for landlords/owners as EACH Housing provides the security of tenure and rental payments.

In summary, this initiative will:

  • support a range of community members with health needs to get access to safe and secure housing through a Head Lease model;
  • involve EACH Housing taking out a number of leases in its name to house the community members, paying full market rent for the 18 month period;
  • community members will receive ongoing personal support to prepare them to transition into the private rental market at the end of the 18th month period.

If you’re a real estate agent or property developer who manages and has access to vacant rental properties across the Eastern and South-Eastern regions of Melbourne, we want to hear from you!

Please contact Louise Daniel on 0436 376 287 or via Louise.Daniel@each.com.au to register your interest and to discuss further.

About EACH Housing

EACH Housing is a registered community housing provider with properties in the Outer East and South-East of Melbourne.

Our mission is to provide a genuine neighbourhood environment for people experiencing housing insecurity, but we don’t stop there, we believe in creating healthy and inclusive communities for all.


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