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Catherine D’Arcy – Acting Team Leader, Health Promotion
Catherine has an interest and passion in promoting the health of whole communities by working with partners to address issues of inequality, disrespect and discrimination which drives the ill health, disability and preventable deaths of large parts of the population. Such issues include race based discrimination experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, gender inequality as well as inequalities faced by people on low income, people with disabilities and those who identify as LGBTI.

Her currently health promotion focus is on working with partners to address gender inequalities as underlying drivers of family violence and violence against women. While this is a complex area, with evidence continuing to develop, her work involves partnering with schools, early years, local government and a range of community organisations to promote gender equality and support people to take action on gender inequality.  This work, alongside many others, is working towards a shared vision of a community where boys, girls and children of all genders grow up experiencing safe, respectful relationships, without being limited by gender stereotypes and have equal access to resources, opportunities and voice. The benefits of this are enormous to our community.

Catherine loves to read and to swim and, when on holidays to body surf and scuba dive.


Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy – Health Promotion Officer
Sarah has worked in the health promotion field for 9 years.  Her experience is vast and has included working in local government with most experience gained from working in the community health sector. She has predominantly worked with schools and early year settings to support health promoting environments, but also has extensive expertise and experience in supporting the workplace setting. Sarah has also worked with marginalised groups including public housing and rooming house residents.

When Sarah is not working, she is busy caring for her two young children. She has a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle and seeks to be a healthy role model to her family and friends.



Liz Senior- Senior Health Promotion Officer
Liz has been working in the health and welfare sector for 30 years. She has worked in clinical settings, community health, not-for-profits and lectured at Melbourne University.  Her main areas of interest are refugee communities, advocacy, evaluation and publication.  She likes to work with marginalised communities to reduce societal in equities.  Recently she spent a year in Vanuatu volunteering with the Australian aid program.

She is an Honorary Fellow at Deakin University, has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals and has authored a book chapter.  Her qualifications include: Diploma Applied Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Graduate Diploma of Health Promotion and a Masters of Public Health

When not working Liz enjoys running, going to the gym, travelling and volunteering.  She is currently on the National Board of Southern Cross Kids’ Camps.



Catherine Delaney – Health Promotion Officer
Catherine is currently supporting early years and primary schools to take a whole of service/school approach using The Achievement Program, which provides settings with a comprehensive framework, tools and resources to improve the health and wellbeing of all students, staff and families.

Catherine completed a Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion at the University College Cork, Ireland where she originates from. Catherine has a diverse background from working in the Department of Health and Human Services as a Disability Intake and Assessment Officer to finally transitioning into the Health Promotion Team here at EACH. Catherine is across many areas of work at the moment in particular gender equality (respectful relationships in schools), Aboriginal health and healthy eating and oral health.

Catherine’s main interests would have to be her beautiful warm-blood horse named Winnie, who she thoroughly enjoys taking out to compete in the show jumping field on weekends.



Vanessa Murdoch – Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer
Vanessa is a proud Kullilli / Wakka Wakka women from Queensland who started working with the EACH Health Promotion team back in 2014. Her role as Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer involves working with early years and schools to building cultural strength for Aboriginal children, students and their families for positive social and emotional wellbeing outcomes. Vanessa works to create awareness across settings of the importance of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander perspectives, and of acknowledging the contribution of the First Nations.

The work she does is very important to her. She feels very passionate about staff and children having a strong understanding and knowledge of Indigenous Culture.

When Vanessa is not working, she is relaxing, catching up with family and friends. Spending quality time with her fiancé. Going home to visit family. Vanessa loves going overseas and learning about other peoples’ cultures.



Deborah Cox – Coordinator  Communities that Care Knox, Health Promotion
Food sustainability, Alcohol harm reduction, child and adolescent development are Deborahs’ key areas of work in the health promotion sector. Deborah has previously worked in banking and hospitality.  She was a hospitality trainer for 5 years and also had the great privilege of staying at home for a few years to raise her son and daughter

Deborah loves walking in the natural environment – mountains meet sea being my favourite, yoga, travel, architecture, learning about how extraordinary the human body and brain is, and enjoying Melbourne’s amazing food.



Belinda Vaughan – Health Promotion Officer
Having had an interest in healthy eating and physical activity from a very young age (she practically grew up on the basketball courts), Belinda naturally gravitated to nutrition and health promotion.

Following this interest, Belinda studied at Deakin University and obtained my Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Sciences), with majors in Nutrition, Health Promotion and Biological Science. With a bit of travel thrown into the mix, Belinda settled back to life in Melbourne and now has over 16 years’ experience working in Health Promotion (public health) field within local community settings. This work has included work within councils, primary schools and workplaces, helping to improve healthy eating, physical activity, SunSmart, mental health and to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption. Belinda is trained in the mindful eating approach to healthy eating, which is the field she is currently incorporating into her health promotion work at EACH. At EACH, Belinda works to improve healthy eating, working within schools and early year settings.

Belinda’s enthusiasm for all things health and wellbeing means that she lives and breathes it. She lives a very active lifestyle and people around her say she has a motivating personality. Belinda would like to think that this trait extends into her working life, helping to make a difference to those in the community, whom she is fortunate to have interacted with, throughout her career.

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