Learning to care for Country at Holy Trinity PS

Caring for Country/place is the responsibility of the whole community, and Holy Trinity Primary School are ensuring that their students understand the importance of looking after the land we all call home, Australia.

Holy Trinity PS was a successful recipient of a grant from EACH’s Health Promotion Team as part of our Aboriginal Small Grants Project. Our HP Team have been working closely with the School to take a whole of school approach and consulted their students on how to use the grant.

Narragunnawali, an online educational resource which provides practical ways to introduce reconciliation initiatives in education environments about Aboriginal history and culture, states that recent scientific findings suggest that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have lived sustainably with the land for more than 120,000 years, and the continued need to care for Country/place is part of our shared history and needs to be learned and understood more broadly.

The School engaged local Aboriginal Artist, Amanda Wright, who is a Palawa woman to work with a group of students to create an art mural to showcase to the School community.


Amanda taught the students about Bunjil (Wedge-Tailed Eagle) the Creator Spirit and Leader, who is of great significance for Victorian Aboriginal people. It is a well-known philosophy in Aboriginal history that our land is protected by the Creator Spirits from various regions and the country we live on. Bunjil is a symbol for the Kulin Nation Peoples of Victoria.

Amanda also spoke about the importance of being an active role model in their school community by caring for our plants, animals, waterways and the land we live on.


Staff and students worked closely with Vanessa Murdoch (EACH Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer), to create an Acknowledgement of Country specific to their school. This ensures the school community is on the right track to develop meaningful connections with, and to care for, the Country/place on which their school stands.

A student will be nominated at each assembly and other important school events to share the Acknowledgement of Country.

For further information about the Aboriginal Small Grants Project or Achievement Program please contact Vanessa Murdoch (Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer) on (03) 9757 6254 or at Vanessa.Murdoch@each.com.au  or Catherine Delaney (Health Promotion Officer) on (03) 97576278 or at Catherine.Delaney@each.com.au.

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