What we do, how we do it


Manningham Youth Services (MYS) in partnership between EACH and Manningham Council that offers a community-inclusive youth service that aims to improve the health & wellbeing of all young people who live, work, study or are otherwise connected to the Manningham community.

MYS endeavours to engage with all young people to creatively increase their skill sets, strengthen their capabilities and create sounder pathways for a brighter and more optimistic future. MYS aspires to achieve this by:

  • promoting youth participation across the Manningham community;
  • encouraging the co-design of youth programs & services;
  • involving young people in all aspects of community planning, decision making, design and implementation regarding issues that matter to them;
  • partnering with services providers, schools and community groups to help inform, consult, and advocate on matters that directly impact on young people and the Manningham community; and,
  • understanding the issues, concerns and numerous challenges that young people in Manningham battle with throughout their life journey.

MYS is committed to actively listening, hearing and acting on what young people have to say. MYS will passionately advocate for all young people who are connected to the Manningham community and provide a complete wrap-around service that ensures positive outcomes for all.


Our Team:


Chris Milne, Team Leader

Chris’s journey began in the construction industry across multiple trade services, including establishing and operating his own business. Chris spent time in the Australian Defence Force before returning to Melbourne to begin a career in Youth Work. Chris has previously worked in leadership roles with Uniting, La Trobe University and City Football Group.

Food you can’t live without: Toasted Sandwiches
Favourite pastime activity/hobby: Spending time with the family, cricket, boxing, walking the dog.
Go to TV show/movie that you always re-watch: Scarface, Californication, The Inbetweeners, The Sopranos.


Paula Joyce, Youth Counsellor

Paula has worked for EACH across several roles and joined the Manningham Youth Services Team as a Service Access Youth Worker in October 2019. She is a fully qualified Counsellor and has experience in the facilitation of psychoeducational group programs. She also has volunteer experience working with survivors of Family Violence in safe houses across Victoria. Paula is currently leading the development of the Young Female’s Leadership Program and The Mental Health Awareness/Trauma Informed Care Programs to be rolled out in 2020.

Food you can’t live without: SOUP (especially Pho & Tom Yum) !!!
Favourite pastime activity/hobby: Op shopping, going to gigs (remember them!) & reading
Go to TV show/movie that you always re-watch: TV = The Wire, The Sopranos, Ozark; Movie – Call me by your name.


Simone Webbey, Youth Engagement Worker

Simone joined the Manningham Youth Service team as their Youth Engagement Worker in January 2020. She has worked with young people for six years, beginning her career as a volunteer mentor to young people. Simone has experience working with young people in areas such as community outreach, case management support, juvenile justice, and homelessness setting.

Food you can’t live without: Chocolate
Favourite pastime activity/hobby: Definitiley baking, jigsaw puzzles, and watching TV, or gardening, or cross-stitching, or reading, or walking the dog…
Go to TV show/movie that you always re-watch: TV Shows- The Office (US), The Golden Girls, Schitts Creek, and Movie- My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


Amber Moore, Youth Case Manager

Amber joined the Manningham Youth Service team in the Case Management role in June 2020. She started her career as a makeup artist before going back to school and moving toward a counselling and case management focus. She has worked with young people, adults and families for six years, throughout support work, counselling, case management and in the settings of community outreach, private practice, disability, high- school wellbeing and in the homelessness setting.

Food you can’t live without: Chocolate and Pasta
Favourite pastime activity/hobby: Walks with my dog and partner, anything animal related, Harry Potter, indoor plants, op shopping, being creative and working out!
Go to TV show/movie that you always re-watch: TV Shows- Schitts Creek and The Office; Movie- The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Freedom Writers.


Marley, our wonderful Therapy Dog

Marley is a Border Collie puppy in training to assist in therapy sessions with young people. Marley has lots of energy and loves interacting with all young people and is a sucker for belly rubs. Be aware, if you throw her ball you could be stuck with her for a while.