NDIS Mental Health Occupational Therapy



Tailored support when and where you need it.

Mental Health Occupational Therapy supports you to be as independent as possible by building your skills to participate in everyday activities.

Our Occupational Therapists have expertise in working with people experiencing mental illness and how it may impact on a person’s day to day living.

Support includes:

  • Daily Living Skills: includes self-care, home duties and community engagement
  • Routine and time use: improving balance with time use and daily routine
  • Home environment: reviewing and improving home setup
  • Sensory needs: understanding and managing s​ensory needs
  • Motivation: understanding motivation to get the best use out of your day
  • Leisure interests: linking you to interests and activities in the community
  • Workplace support: access, assessment and support at work
  • Behaviour support: support with building and maintaining relationships​
  • COVID-19 Support: With  are currently providing support to our customers via Zoom and Telehealth sessions. 

Our team works with you from the Initial comprehensive assessment to therapeutic sessions, developing therapeutic goals and recommendations to help support you to led a healthier life. 

At EACH, we support people with a disability or mental illness to achieve their goals through local, individualised, community-based support.

We offer NDIS Mental Health Occupational Therapy across the South Eastern region of Melbourne, though can support people outside the South East via Telehealth options.

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