Promoting the health and wellbeing of Burmese Communities

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Haka Chin Men’s Car Maintenance and Men’s Health and Wellbeing Group

Young people within the Chin community have higher rates of school disengagement and contact with police than their peers, as well as experiencing untreated health issues and other impactful living conditions.

Engagement with health and wellbeing services is comparatively low for the Chin community, particularly for young males. Community leaders acknowledge that they had limited knowledge to support and educate families on how and where to receive help when these issues escalate. Alcohol misuse and risk of homelessness were highlighted as areas of concern.

The EACH Refugee Health Team has worked with the Migrant Information Centre (MIC) to develop an education program with a focus on youth and young men’s health and wellbeing including how to access appropriate services.

A Bicultural Worker (BCW), who is known and accepted by the Haka Chin community has been appointed to manage the project.  The BCW has liaised with Chin Haka leaders, including a qualified mechanic, and relevant EACH and community organisations to develop a Car Maintenance and Men’s Health and wellbeing group program with project resources, that are appropriate for the Chin Hakha community.

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Above: the group often host a guest speaker from local services.

The program is being held weekly and includes a 30-40 minute workshop on maintaining a car, safe driving and talks from a variety of professionals at EACH’s Ringwood East Centre, which is followed by a 30-40 minute session about men’s health issues.

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