Exercise Physiologists are specialists in clinical exercise and movement, who support you prevent and manage chronic disease and injuries. This includes the management of diabetes, heart disease, bone and muscle conditions, disability, mental health, and weight loss.

Exercises are tailored to how your body moves and what it needs. We will work with you to develop a program suited to your lifestyle and your goals. An initial assessment is undertaken by an EACH exercise physiologist or physiotherapist prior to commencement of service.

We provide Exercise Physiology Services from our community health centres in Ringwood East and Ferntree Gully.


This program offers:

  • Exercise Physiology can be undertaken one-on-one or within a group setting
  • Service and plans are tailored to your needs
  • We work with you to identify and meet personal goals



Strength Group

Ongoing low – moderate intensity exercise group aimed at increasing knowledge of correct postures and movement ergonomics. This is achieved via a specific resistance training program focusing on core control as well as upper and lower body strength and stability.

Recommended for clients:

  • Experiencing chronic back pain
  • Awaiting or recovering from THR or TKR
  • Those with postural dysfunction

Requires assessment by EACH exercise physiologist or physiotherapist prior to commencement.

Conditioning Group

Ongoing low-intensity exercise group aimed at increasing general strength and fitness. Includes balance exercises, upper and lower body strength training, and co-ordination. The goal of this group is to build individuals physical health up to a point where they can participate in higher level exercise groups.

Recommended for clients:

  • Who are deconditioned and may struggle with a general exercise group
  • Struggling with balance/fear of falls

Requires assessment by EACH exercise physiologist or physiotherapist prior to commencement

Invigor8 Exercise Group:

Type 2 diabetes specific 8 week bulk-billed group program – requires MBS GP referral for individual EP MBS service (item 721 or 732) and group MBS form for type 2 diabetes to be completed.

Who can access this program?

Everyone is welcome to access our Exercise Physiology Services, however, priority is given to people with a Health Care Card/Pension Card; or with complex medical conditions; otherwise, consultation fees are income dependent.

What does it cost?

Fees are depends on your individual circumstance, please contact us for further information.

When can this program be accessed?

Appointments are available between Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.

How can you access this program?

For more information please contact us on 1300 00 3224.