Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Keeping Safe

At this time, FRSC service is still open and accepting referrals for counselling.

Counselling may be via face-to-face, telephone, Skype, or Zoom.

For more information please contact 1300 303 346 or email

The Family Relationship Support for Carers Service (FRSC)  can arrange a number of counselling sessions to assist individuals, couples and families to work through issues connected to their caring role. Future planning forums help carers and families to make decisions for the future of the person they are caring for. FRSC also facilitate forums regarding skill development, self-care and other education topics for the carers, so that they may continue their role to support their family member with a disability.

Future Planning services include advice, information and referrals to assist families to start thinking or planning about the legal processes of making a Will, Powers of Attorney, Special Disability Trusts and other Trusts.

This may also include information regarding legal and financial advice, how to deal with conflict associated with potential relationship breakdown, and cultural and generational issues that may arise.

FRSC is open to working in collaboration and partnership with carer and disability services across the state, to develop and implement strategies to support families to maintain family functioning.

We realise the role of young carers within our communities. FRSC is committed to providing tailored services to young carers so that they are able to carry out their responsibilities while also looking after their health and well being.


This program offers:

  • ​Counselling support for all family members; include individual counselling, couples counselling, family therapy, counselling for siblings and extended families
  • Mediation/Mindfulness
  • Information and education support regarding future planning, skill development and peer support.

Who can access this program?

This program is available to any family member, parents, siblings, guardians, grandparents or foster parents caring for a person with a disability, living anywhere within the state of Victoria.

What does it cost?

This program is free to eligible carers and families.

When can this program be accessed?

The program can be accessed Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

How can you access this program?

For more information please contact us on 1300 303 346.

Groups and Programs:

Carer workshops and Courses are facilitated by FRSC throughout the year in different regions as and when requested by carers in in those regions.