Are you a young person who has been experiencing mental health issues for six months or more?

Youth Outreach Recovery Support (YORS) is a mental health support service for young people aged 16-25 years who are experiencing mental health symptoms or significant psychological distress.

YORS is a welcoming and inclusive new service assisting you to get back on track and strengthen your ability to better manage your mental health. You will have the opportunity to work on your recovery goals through individual support and group workshops.

We can help you to link in with the supports you need and support you in the community. We also offer coaching support around relationships, substance use (drug and alcohol), education, employment, homelessness and other needs.

YORS is funded by the Department of Health to provide young people with short to medium term flexible outreach wellbeing support to help them to better manage their mental health, develop practical life skills for independent living and self-care, engage in community life, access other health and social support services they need, and make the journey towards recovery and the life they want.

We can meet you: face to face, virtually via telehealth or by phone.

To find out more, please contact the Intake Service in your area. After a brief phone call to gather some information from you and assess your eligibility, you will be transferred to the YORS provider in your area. See details further down on this page.

Youth Outreach Recovery Support (YORS) complements the existing Integrated Therapeutic Community (ITC), our Youth Residential Recovery service by providing another support option to eligible young people. This support will also be provided before or after an ITC bed-based placement. This includes providing young people eligible for YORS with some access to the ITC group programs and activities on a day basis.


Who will benefit from YORS?

YORS is for young people aged 16-25 years in Victoria, who are experiencing mental health symptoms or significant psychological distress.

Priority will be given to young people with ongoing mental illness, unmet wellbeing needs and/or psychosocial disability. It also aims to help young people with a mental illness who are at risk of suicide or self-harm and/or are experiencing multiple disadvantages and unmet needs associated with homelessness, unemployment, family violence, disability and/or substance use issues. It will complement, but not duplicate, case management supports the young person may be receiving from other service providers (e.g. area mental health services, youth justice, out of home care and homelessness providers) by providing a psychosocial therapeutic response tailored to the needs of the young person.


How do you refer to YORS?

Young people can self-refer to YORS.

With the young person’s consent, referrals can also be made by family members or carers, schools, youth services, GPs, private and public mental health clinicians, headspace, Prevention and Recovery Care Services (PARCS), as well as health and social support services such as those related to: homelessness, justice, out of home care, and substance use and addiction.

Referral and access will be via Intake Service delivered by a partnership between EACH, Neami National and ACSO.

The Intake Service will warmly transfer eligible young people to the YORS provider operating in the geographical area where the young person lives. YORS providers can also support referrals in local areas. YORS providers operating in each geographical area as per the map below.

Contact the relevant service provider via phone or email, to find out more or make a referral.


Neami National

North-West, Inner, Bayside
1300 379 462


North, East, South-East
1300 003 224


All regional areas
1300 022 760



Integrated Therapeutic Community – Youth Residential Recovery Service

EACH’s Integrated Therapeutic Community (ITC) is a Youth Residential Recovery Service that provides a 12 month residentially based mental health support service for young people aged 16-25 years old recovering from significant mental health conditions. Our participants work on their individual recovery goals whilst actively engaging in a youth-focused therapeutic community environment.

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