Coordinated Care for Debra


Short Term Restorative Care (STRC)

In June 2017, Debra had a stroke which severely affected her memory, mobility and strength. Following her discharge from hospital, Debra required intensive therapy to recover her balance which impacted her daily living.

Eight weeks after her stroke, Debra showed no signs of improvement, so The Aged Care Assessment Team
assessed Debra and referred her to our for Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) program. Short Term Restorative Care is an eight week intensive program designed to reverse or slow a person’s functional decline. The program is delivered by a team of health professionals to help people adapt to their changing needs.

Debra’s team included an Occupational Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist and Dietician. Debra also received minor home modifications such as hand rails and paving along with a stair lift so Debra could safely access her living areas upstairs.


Debra recalls having a hard time walking, especially walking on uneven ground and staying upright. Prior to STRC, she had many falls and couldn’t drive or work. Debra stated this was because she lost confidence and didn’t leave her home. By far the most successful result was when Debra’s balance improved thanks to the Exercise Physiologist, Dylan

Shortly after completing the STRC program, Debra was assigned a Home Care Package and chose EACH as her provider. Debra has formed lovely friendships with her support workers Danielle and Donna who provide domestic support and gardening services for her. Debra really enjoys her new raised veggie patches and is grateful for her paving which allows her access to her garden.


Gardening has been wonderful therapy for Debra. Thanks to her new found confidence she is able to now spend time weeding her garden beds and potting up orchids in her shade house.


Debra credits the STRC program and says that it provided “wonderful helpful people that made my life easier and more fulfilling”.

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