Victorian Health Care Experience Survey 2023

Providing your details to participate in the 2023 Victorian Health Care Experience Survey (VHES)

In the coming weeks, you will be invited to participate in the Victorian Healthcare Experience survey, which will help us to improve our services.


What is the VHES?
The Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) program collects, analyses and reports feedback from recent users of Victorian public health services, such as hospital and community health services about their experience of care. This feedback is reported back to the health services, as well as the Department of Health (the Department) to help make services better and support a patient-centred approach to healthcare delivery. There is a detailed description of the survey here.


How does it work, and what is needed?
To help build participation in the survey, we have been asked to share the details of customers who received our services in January and February with Ipsos Research, who will run the survey for the Department. Ipsos will invite people to complete the survey via an online link sent through an SMS or email. This will happen in late March of this year. While we encourage you to provide feedback, it is your choice if you wish to participate.


What information do we provide Ipsos, and what do you need to do if you do not want to participate in the survey?
In order for Ipsos to send you the VHES, EACH is required to send your name, address, phone number, date of birth, and email address to Ipsos. If you do not want us to supply your details, you can let us know via email at or here.

Please note: you will need to let us know if you would like to opt out by Sunday, 19th March 2023.

Opt out of VHES

Who should you contact for further information about the survey?
Please contact Ipsos Australia’s toll-free Survey Helpline on 1800 356 928 if you need further information regarding this survey.

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