EACH & Lah-Lah’s Sensory-Friendly Online Concerts!

EACH is partnering with one of Australia’s favourite children’s bands to host free online concerts during the coronavirus pandemic that every child can enjoy – including those with sensory sensitivities.

Lah Lah’s Big Live Band, best known for its television show on ABC Kids, will rejig their raucous musical energy to perform for children with sensory sensitivities. This includes many children on the autism spectrum who find loud noises, bright colours and fast-moving images overwhelming or uncomfortable. 

We’re working with the band’s leaders Lah Lah (Tina Harris) and Buzz (Mark Harris) to ensure all children have the opportunity to learn about music during COVID-19. 

Lah Lah’s Big Live Band and EACH’s free sensory-friendly concerts have screened on Facebook Live regularly over the past six months with the next show in September.

“We’re aware that our concerts and videos and those of other children’s performers may not always cater to children with sensory sensitivities. We wanted to make sure we were creating something for these children during COVID-19 as well,” Mark Harris of Lah Lah’s Big Live Band said. 

“We’ve partnered with EACH before to create live concerts that are suited to children with sensory sensitivities,” Mr Harris said. “Last year we did a couple of shows in Melbourne and the feedback was just so heartwarming.

“We get parents who say they don’t feel comfortable to attend music performances with their children. They feel their kids are missing out on having that experience of live music and because of that their children are missing out on participating in the community in ways they should be able to.

“The audiences at the sensory sensitive shows are always just as wide-eyed and keen for interaction as any other audience. So we really wanted to provide something exciting for children with sensory sensitivities during this time.”

Mr Harris said considerations going into online shows included ensuring the volume of instruments was not too loud, that lighting and colours remained consistent throughout the performance and that there were not too many performers on stage at once. 

 “It’s a bit more slow paced and gentle,” Mr Harris said. “Otherwise our goal is just the same as usual: to introduce children to the world of music and all different musical instruments.” 

EACH Peter Ruzyla said music was something all children should have access to. He encouraged siblings and friends of children with sensory sensitivities to join in the online concert to learn more about their peers’ perspective. 

“The benefits of inclusion for children are well documented. Children learn from each other and by providing an opportunity for all children to participate in live music we foster acceptance of others and teach children that everyone has special abilities,” he said. 

“EACH’s partnership with Lah Lah has given us a unique opportunity to develop in-person and, now, online opportunities for children with sensory sensibilities to be included in the joy of live music.”

The next online concert will be in September, keep an eye on our Facebook pages for details!

EACH Page: www.facebook.com/eachsch

Lah-Lah Page: www.facebook.com/lahlahsbigliveband

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