What makes us different


We understand health and wellbeing are determined by a combination of medical, behavioural, social and environmental factors. EACH recognises that not everyone experiences life equally, by virtue of a range of factors including gender, socio-economic status, cultural background and education level. Our focus is therefore about creating opportunities for equitable outcomes. No matter what someone’s starting place, we will support them to achieve their hopes and aspirations.

With this as our foundation, EACH provides a diverse range of services – from medical and allied health, to housing and employment services.


Tree with Hands Image no eachwebWe have adopted the human-centred design methodology because it gives us a dynamic yet structured way to engage with customers.

Human-centred design is a creative approach to problem solving. It is a process that starts with the people we are designing for, and ends with new solutions that are tailormade to suit their needs. The key elements of humancentred design are:

  • Building deep empathy with the people you’re designing for.
  • Generating lots of ideas.
  • Building prototypes.
  • Sharing what you’ve designed with the people you’re designing for.
  • Putting new ideas into reality.


The EACH Service Principles are guidelines that explain ‘how’ we will work to deliver on our Customer Charter.

The overarching philosophy of the Service Principles is ‘we welcome you with empathy and hope.’ This philosophy describes the experience of customers at all points of contact with EACH. It describes our service culture – no matter who you are, no matter how complex your situation, or how multiple your issues of concern, we welcome you.

1. We make services safe, responsive and easy to access
2. We are trained to understand and respond to all your needs
3. We respect diversity, and learn about you and your culture
4. We recognise and respond to the impact of trauma
5. We include the people important to you
6. We believe making change is possible
7. We respect your lived experience, and work with your strengths
8. We work together with you and others to respond to your needs
9. We advocate with and for you and your community
10. We are committed to getting better at all that we do

Our commitment to you