Policies and Statements

Your rights and responsibilities

As health care providers, the staff of EACH recognise the partnership we have with our clients. Because that partnership is important to us, we try to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. As a result, the following client rights and responsibilities demonstrate our commitment to this partnership.

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Protecting your privacy

All EACH employees are legally and ethically obliged to keep your personal and sensitive information private and secure. Sometimes, this information will need to be discussed with other employees directly involved in providing your services to make sure you get the best of care. Only authorised employees will access your information.

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Complaints & Feedback

We value your feedback, compliments, complaints, ideas and suggestions. To submit feedback or a complaint please fill in the online form via the link below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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What We Ask And Why

At EACH, we want to make sure you get the best possible service. To do this, we need to ask you lots of questions and some of those questions are going to seem quite personal — that’s because they are! Knowing a little more about you will help us to provide the best support.

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Child Safe Commitment

EACH has a commitment to creating a child safe culture and maintaining a child safe and child friendly environment. The following statement acknowledges EACH’s commitment to child safety:

All children who come to EACH have a right to feel and be safe. EACH is committed to the safety and well-being of all children whether they are direct service recipients or indirectly linked to our services such as children of customers. The welfare of children and young people is our first priority. We create a child safe and child friendly environment where all children are valued and heard, are safe and protected.

Child Safe and Wellbeing Policy


Accessing Health Records

The Health Records Act 2001 (Victoria) (the HRA Act) gives individuals a right of access to their personal health information held by any organisation in the private sector in Victoria, in accordance with Health Privacy Principle 6 (HPP6).

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Reconciliation Action Vision Statement

For true reconciliation to be achieved, EACH believes that past injustices against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples must be acknowledged. We need to come to an honest understanding of our history as Australians and the resulting intergenerational trauma for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Abuse and Neglect Statement

EACH is committed to ensuring that all people have the right to live their lives free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.  We take very seriously our duty of care to ensure that our clients are not exposed to any form of abuse or other forms of harm when accessing any of our services.

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Keeping your information secure

EACH takes keeping your information safe very seriously and has several ways to do it:

  1. Secure Storage: We keep your data in safe computer systems with strong security to prevent unauthorised access.
  2. Access Control: We only let authorised staff see your data by using access rights, passwords and multi-factor authentication.
  3. Employee Training: We train our staff how to handle your data properly and why it’s important to keep it safe. We test this knowledge through regular phishing campaigns.
  4. Regular Updates: We keep our computer systems and software up to date.
  5. Firewalls and Intrusion Detection: We have barriers and monitors in place to protect our network from unauthorised access and suspicious activity.
  6. Data Backups: Data is stored in secure places, so we can recover it if something goes wrong.
  7. Privacy Policies: We have clear rules about how we collect, use, and protect your data. You can check these rules to understand what we do with your information.
  8. Response Plan: We have procedures about how we manage a cyber-attack to minimise risk.
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