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This page explains:

  • Your rights as a customer/consumer/client
  • Your rights to privacy
  • How to access the information EACH keeps on you
  • How to provide a compliment, concern, complaint or suggestion

You can download the information on this page as a brochure HERE.

Your rights as a customer/consumer/client

  • If you wish, you may bring someone to your sessions at EACH to help or support you. This could be a friend, a family member or someone from another service
  • If you are unsure about the information or advice a staff member has given you, you can ask to speak to another staff member
  • You can ask to be referred to a different service within EACH or outside of EACH
  • You can cease at any time the service you receive from EACH
  • To receive safe and quality services from trained and experienced staff

Whatever service you access, we will:

  • Respect your needs
  • Provide you with information in the way that suits you best. This could be in the form of pictures, or written or spoken words
  • Help you to make the best choices for your needs
  • Make sure our staff have up-to-date training in the area of your needs
  • Tell you about other available services if EACH cannot help you
  • Encourage you to ask questions

Interpreter services:

These are free and private. We are very happy to work with interpreters so if you or a family member or friend need an interpreter please let us know.

Your rights to privacy

When you start with a service at EACH you will be asked to give your consent for us to keep information about you and the service you use. This information is kept private and secure; only the people who work with you are able to see it.

You will also be asked for your consent if:

  • Staff refer you to a service outside of EACH
  • A staff member wishes to talk to a member of your family
  • You are willing for students working at EACH to sit in on your sessions with a staff member. Nothing will change if you say no to this

EACH staff do not need your consent in the following situations:

  • If they speak to another EACH staff member about the best service for you
  • If they are concerned about your health, safety or wellbeing
  • If a court of law asks EACH for information about you
  • If a legal guardian or carer asks for information about the EACH services you access

A full copy of the EACH Privacy Policy can be viewed HERE.

Getting the most out of EACH

When you become a customer of an EACH service:

  • Answer all the questions you are asked as this will help staff find the best service for you
  • Arrive on time for your program or service
  • Be respectful to staff and customers – aggressive behavior is unacceptable
  • Let EACH know if you need to cancel or change your session time
  • Keep private what other people may share in group sessions
  • Accept that there are limits to the services that EACH can provide
  • Observe EACH health and safety rules.
  • Keep our environments smoke free

How to access the information EACH keeps on you

If you wish to access the information that EACH has on record for you, ask the staff member you are seeing at EACH. If they are unable to help you, you can consult the EACH Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will provide you with the appropriate forms to fill in and set in motion the process for accessing your information. This could take some time.

EACH Privacy Officer:

Mail: 20 Melbourne Street, Ringwood, 3134 VIC

03 9847 4800

If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service. For more information, visit:

Data reports

EACH is required to provide government departments such as the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) information to plan and monitor how services are run. No information that will identify you as an individual is given out.


If you have any questions about the information in this brochure contact the EACH Customer Liaison Officer.

How to give feedback and to make a complaint

EACH wants to know when our services suit your needs and are helpful and also where you think we could improve. If you are not happy about any service or the way a staff member may have treated you, please tell us.

If appropriate you can talk to the staff member in question or to our Customer Relations Coordinator or you can fill out a feedback form.

EACH Customer Liaison Officer
1300 003 224

External Complaints Officers

If you are unhappy with how EACH staff managed your complaint, you can also contact:

Commonwealth Ombudsman
1300 362 072

(Calls from mobile phones at mobile phone rates)

1800 060 789

(Calls from mobile phones at mobile phone rates)

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
1800 550 552


Health Complaints Commissioner
1300 582 113

Disability Services Commissioner
1800 677 342

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner
1800 246 054

Community Housing Complaints (Housing Registrar)
03 9651 1402

New South Wales

Health Care Complaints Commission
1800 043 159

Ombudsman New South Wales
1800 541 524


ACT Human Rights Commission
(02) 6205 2222


Office of the Health Ombudsman
133 64


Health Complaints Commissioner
1800 001 170



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