Black Lives Matter. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lives Matter.

EACH would like to acknowledge with deep sorrow the tragic death of George Floyd and the resulting pain and sorrow that has triggered mass protests in the USA. We strongly condemn such acts of racism and brutality towards Black, Indigenous and People of Colour by law enforcement anywhere in the world and including here in Australia.

In our own country, the incarceration rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is one of the highest of any group in the world. 432 Indigenous people have died in custody since 1991. Without appropriate accountability or reform that effectively addresses this issue, it leaves a question of deeply embedded and systemic discrimination and racism in our own society. While the accountability of people directly involved in such deaths is critical to justice, the broader issue of culturally embedded racism and white privilege in our society must also be addressed.

We vow to stand in solidarity with our Indigenous communities and seek justice for these racial inequalities and work towards closing the gap in these alarming and unacceptable rates.

EACH is committed to social justice, and the promotion of health and wellbeing for all in the community. Respect and dignity are the rights of all people.

Black Lives Matter. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lives Matter.

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