COVID & Alcohol Use

It can take just 66 days to form a habit.

For most Australians, this is around how long lockdown lasted. For Victorian’s, it’s happening all over again. The habits we picked up are more than just baking, jigsaws and singing along to your handwashing.

Since COVID-19 started, some of us have reported drinking a bit more than before. While this might just be a few extra drinks, small changes can become harder to shift over time.

Importantly, even small increases in the amount of alcohol you drink can take a toll on your finances, and relationships and have lasting impacts on your physical and mental health.

We know it’s been a bit tough lately, but reflecting on COVID-drinking can help to set yourself up for success as we start to take control of our lives again.

We’re joining the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to encourage all Australians to reflect on whether their COVID-drinking might have become a little habit.

The message is simple; we’re all still in this together, and there’s lots of help and support out there to help you kick the habit.

If you or someone you know needs support with alcohol use, our Counselling support services are still available through telephone, online and limited face-to-face sessions.

Your drinking could be affecting you and the ones you love. Take steps to change your habit.

For more information, contact us on 1300 00 3224 or view our Alcohol & Drug Counselling services here.

Go to for information on how to recognise problem signs around drinking and find out more about what to do to turn your little habit around.


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