Health Promotion at Holy Trinity Primary School

Holy Trinity Primary School has been working hard to encourage and support the health and wellbeing of their students.

The school is currently working on meeting their state-wide benchmark for Healthy Eating and Oral Health as part of the Victorian Government’s Achievement Program. As part of this initiative, EACH staff were invited to run an educational session around oral health, healthy eating and drinking.


Fruit and vegetables are sometimes replaced with discretionary and convenience foods and drinks leading to low intakes of essential nutrients, poor oral health, lower educational performance and increased risk of being overweight or obese.

Food preference and oral health habits are formed from a young age and become increasingly harder to change as children approach teenage years. Therefore instilling healthy eating and oral health behaviours in early years lays the foundation for positive health into adulthood.

Our Health Promotion and Oral Health teams joined forces to support the students at Holy Trinity in what was a fun, interactive and informative event.  The children were provided with toothbrushes and toothpaste and oral health resources to support their oral health and wellbeing, with dental screenings being booked to take place in the coming months.

For further information on this event or our Health Promotion service, please contact Diana Roggenbucke on 9757 6209 or

holy trinity ps toothbrush and paste

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