Interested in the human rights of people seeking asylum and refugees?

EACH’s Health Promotion Team are excited to introduce the creation of our EACH Refugee & Asylum Seeker Action Group (ERAAG).

The Group recently held an introductory professional development session entitled – Changing the Conversation.

It was a great chance to hear from our Refugee Health Nurse Coordinator on the excellent work being done at the EACH ‪Refugee‬ Clinic.

Our guest speaker from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) gave expert background to the current refugee/asylum seeker situation, and advice on research that shows our choice of language is the place to start to take action to shift people’s ideas on people seeking ‪asylum‬.

If you are a interested in hearing what ERAAG are doing or becoming involved, please contact Liz Senior on ‪#LetThemStay

#Letthemstay (2)

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