March 4 Justice

Gender equality and justice for victims of sexual assault are vital for healthy communities.

Over the last few weeks, we have watched news unfolding daily highlighting the continued existence of an intolerable situation for women – in the workplace and at home and in everyday life.

Each of us is affected by the violence, sexual harassment and abuse perpetrated by men against women in our own communities and globally. This week thousands of people joined together to #March4Justice, calling for an end to sexual abuse and harassment of women.

At EACH, we want to add our voice to the mounting protests and encourage people across our community to call out bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

We all expect to be safe wherever we are – not just physically but psychologically and emotionally.

We all have a responsibility to speak up if something happens, either to us or someone else.

Change requires all of us to stand up and say #enoughisenough.

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