National Diabetes Week 2020

Every minute of every day, a person with diabetes faces decisions, thoughts, worries and fears about their diabetes and the future impact the condition may have on their health.

The daily burden of living with diabetes can be significant. It’s estimated that people with diabetes face up to 180 diabetes-related decisions every day. That’s more than 65,000 extra decisions a year. Diabetes distress, anxiety and burnout are real complications of diabetes.

Our Health & Wellness services support people with self-management, medical management and to living well with diabetes.

Services include:

✔️ Diabetes Education
✔️ Health Psychology
✔️ Dietetics
✔️ Podiatry
✔️ Exercise Physiology
✔️ and more!

Our services are located in East Ringwood and Ferntree Gully.

As part of National Diabetes Week 2020, staff from our health services have some quick messages in the videos below, as well as interviews with some of our clients around their experiances!

Type 2 Diabetes

Client Story (Type 2)

Diabetes Education (Type 2)

Dietetics (Type 2)

Health Psychology (Type 2)

Endocrinology (Type 2)

Exercise Physiology (Type2)

Podiatry (Type 2)


Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes Education – Insulin Pump (Type 1)

Client Story – Insulin Pump (Type 1)

Client Story – Insulin Pump and Exercise (Type 1)

Client Story – Wisdom Pearls (Type 1)

Dietetics (Type 1)


Can we support you?

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