Connection through Collaboration: Rhianna Perkin’s Story as EACH’s Service Design Manager

Rhianna Perkin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to EACH, as well as an open-hearted and warm personality.

As a Service Design Manager, she draws on her twelve years of experience with EACH and knowledge gained through continued study to build better services for our customers.

Inspired by the caring women in her family, Rhianna empowers communities to connect – and to flourish.

Collaborative learning

As Service Design Manager of Strategy, Development and Marketing, Rhianna Perkin plays an important role in EACH’s evolution. She designs new models of care and improves existing services to ensure the best possible service and support for our clients, customers and stakeholders.

“Co-designing our services requires collaboration across stakeholders. Our work is built on the principle of human-centered design – we bring our customers into the process by facilitating workshops, developing frameworks and inviting feedback.”

For Rhianna, being able to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients requires her to be at the forefront of the evolving social services sector and staying abreast of the latest research relating to her field. With two undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology and a Masters in Psychology under her belt, Rhianna is now studying a Masters of Leadership and Management in Organisation Dynamics.

“EACH empowers people to continuously learn and grow. My colleagues inspire me. They take an interest in my studies and we share our learnings. I feel I’m at my most productive when I can combine my formal education with my experiences at work.”

Family, past and future

Growing up, Rhianna was surrounded by powerfully compassionate women. She shares how this impacted her decision to choose a career path focused on care.

“My mum is an Interpreter and Teacher for people with hearing loss, my aunt is a Nurse, and both my grandmothers held caring roles in the community. I was surrounded by positive role models, so it made sense for me to pursue a career where I could operate with care and compassion.”

Now with a young daughter of her own, Rhianna sees the value in forming strong family connections more than ever. Her own experiences inspire her to ensure everyone in the community is afforded the same support.

Impacting people, changing communities

While Rhianna has been in her current role for two years, she began her journey with EACH back in 2009, as a Youth and Family Counsellor. She looks back on those early years with fondness. She recalls one particular story which has stayed with her:

“In my first role, I was supporting a young person who accessed counselling sporadically over a few years. I was able to provide a sense of continuity for them. Eventually they didn’t feel a need to continue their counselling – it was really rewarding to have an impact on someone in that way.”

Rhianna later moved on from her role as a Counsellor and her client moved to the back of her mind – until five years later, when they made an unexpected reappearance.

“I was running a co-design workshop and they were there – working as a peer support worker. They remembered me, and they told me how much that experience meant to them all those years ago. Now that they were in such a good place, they felt inspired to give back to the community.”

For Rhianna, this was a reminder of the importance of her work with EACH.

“We might feel that we’re only affecting a small moment in one person’s life. In reality, when we help one person, they’re empowered to make a difference of their own. The work we do creates a ripple effect that will shape a whole community.”

Thank you, Rhianna, for all that you bring.


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