Partners In Wellbeing - Support for Small Business

Support for your financial and emotional wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

For many small business owners and sole traders, the restrictions to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have had a devastating impact on their business and staff. We link small business owners to free financial counselling, financial health checks and also support for emotional wellbeing.  

Keeping your business going can blur the lines between work and home and feeling responsible for others, such as staff and family who are involved in the business, can significantly add to your stress. You can end up feeling very isolated, anxious, overwhelmed and ‘always on’.

Warning signs that you are not coping include:

    • Difficulty concentrating and finding it hard to make decisions
    • Being short tempered with tasks, staff and family
    • Feeling tired and fatigued all the time
    • Having trouble sleeping and slowing your thoughts
    • Feeling unusually emotional or tearful
    • Drinking alcohol excessively to cope
    • Isolating yourself and avoiding social situations
    • Thoughts of self-harm or harm to others.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, or you are not coping with the challenge of running your business,help is available through Partners in Wellbeing.

This free, confidential service offers financial counselling, financial health checks and wellbeing coaching.

Family members involved in your business and your staff are also encouraged to use this service if they are feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

This service is available until 10.00 pm weekdays.

What is financial counselling?
Provides information, support and advice about managing debts and financial issues, both business and personal.

Coming soon – Business mentoring
Will provide an opportunity to build on your business strengths and clear your thoughts to support you to make wise business decisions for your future.

Get started or refer someone you know
Contact the Partners in Wellbeing team in your area by calling 1300 375 330 to begin making changes to improve your wellbeing.

If you would like to refer someone you know, you must first discuss this with them and have their consent to make the referral on their behalf.

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About Partners in Wellbeing
Partners in Wellbeing is funded by the Victorian Government and is being delivered by EACH, Neami National and the  Australian Community Services Organisation (ACSO) across Victoria.






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