The Nursery Equipment Program is a Victorian State Government initiative that provides safe nursery equipment for vulnerable Victorian families at no cost, where a safety concern has been identified by a Maternal and Child Health Nurse. The program is open to all clients of the Maternal and Child Health service, a free, universal primary health service for all Victorian families with children from birth to school age.

EACH administers the Nursery Equipment Program on behalf of the Victorian Government.

What equipment is provided by the program?

The program supplies baby cots and car seats which meet Australian Safety Standards.

Am I eligible to receive free nursery equipment through the program?

Maternal and Child Health Nurses can request safe nursery equipment for Victorian families where a safety concern has been identified and eligibility criteria have been met. Your Maternal and Child Health Nurse will let you know if you are eligible.

How do I find my local Maternal and Child Health service?

Maternal and Child Health services are delivered by local councils, in partnership with the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Department of Education and Training. If your child is not already enrolled, please contact your local council to access this important service.

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For more information about the Maternal and Child Health Nursery Equipment Program please contact us on 03 9847 5950 or email