Occupational Therapists (OT's) provide service to people whose ability to complete everyday life tasks is impaired by illness, disability, injury or the effects of ageing.

OT's work with clients to assess their ability, interests and lifestyle and to develop an appropriate treatment plan to meet the client's needs.

This plan can relate to areas such as self-care, skills to manage at home, and engagement in recreation and leisure activities.

OTs also assess and report on access and safety issues for clients in relation to client's functional capacity and independence in their home environment.

Occupational Therapy assessments usually occur in the person's home.

OT's provide service to HACC, CHSP, NDIS and Home Care Package clients

This program offers:

  • Equipment prescription e.g. showering equipment, beds, wheelchairs, scooter and pressure care items, training in equipment use and support with funding applications for required equipment items (when eligible)
  • Home assessments to determine the need for home modifications, e.g. rail installations/ramp modifications and determine the appropriate equipment for clients based on their home environments
  • Daily living skills; advice on techniques/equipment to increase independence with activities of daily living; this can include adapting the task or environment. The ‘Independent Living Group’ is run at the Knox site, this group aims to develop these skills further; please see page “Independent Living Group- Knox”
  • Carer support; advice on equipment/strategies to reduce physical and emotional stress. OTs can identify appropriate services in the community to assist a person in a carer role.
  • NDIS Pre-planning assistance

Who can access this program?

Adults in the Knox and Maroondah communities are welcome to access our OT service, however priority will be given to those most in need and experiencing disadvantage including Aboriginal clients, refugees, SRS clients, mental health and/or intellectual disability. Clinical need is also prioritised including palliative care, pressure care, risk of hospitalisation, recent falls.

The OT’s provide service to a wide range of clients including but not limited to, people who are frail/aged, people with a disability and people with a chronic health condition.

What does it cost?

This cost of this program is $10.00 for Health Care/Pension Card holders and people on low incomes. $15.00 for people on medium incomes. Fees differ for ‘Fee for Service’ sources.

When can this program be accessed?

Appointments for this program can be made Monday to Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

How can you access this program?

For more information please contact us on 1300 00 3224.

Groups and Programs:

To see the latest groups for our program, please check out our Your Health Matters Brochure found by clicking the image below: