Smiles 4 Miles: Migrant Information Centre's Family Playgroup (Ringwood)

Big smiles at the Migrant Information Centre’s Family Playgroup.

During Dental Health Week, our Child Development Team, along with our Oral Health Team and our Dental Clinical Team, visited the Migrant Information Centre’s Family Playgroup in Ringwood to promote Smiles 4 Miles and discuss the importance of good oral health and nutrition, how to access Public Dental Services, while also providing free teeth examinations to children.

The Dental Health Week promotion was a perfect opportunity to connect with Refugee families who may not otherwise have access to primary health services. In engaging the children, our Oral Health Team prepared visual displays highlighting sugar content in everyday drinks and interacted with the children through a variety of fun games and activities.

In total, there were 28 children who received free Dental Examinations and Oral Hygiene instruction during our visit, with families responding overwhelmingly positively to both the Dietitian and the Oral Health Therapist.

The Smiles 4 Miles program is an initiative of Dental Health Services Victoria, which works to improve the oral health of children, their families, early childhood staff and the wider community by promoting three key messages: Drink well, Eat well and Clean well.

For more information on our Paediatric Dietetic Service, please contact Sheila Ferris, Child Development Manager at

For more information on the Smiles 4 Miles Program, please contact Diana Roggenbucke, Smiles 4 Miles Coordinator at


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