Creative & Meaningful Connection Through COVID-19

In an effort to maintain therapeutic connections through the COVID-19 pandemic beyond online and phone contact, Sophia, Therapeutic Counsellor with our Integrated Service Teams invited her clients to share any special day-to-day experiences through photographs.

The aim is to experience together, while we spend time apart, some visuals of the activities clients are participating in while in lock-down. The uptake has been excellent, with some of her clients sharing their stories (with consent) below.

Here are two photos from one client; the view she sees when she goes for her walk, and a mandala she drew when she felt the walls were closing in, but a whole world opened up inside. She was delighted to know that others may be interested to see ‘her world’ right now.

Some days are more difficult than others, with one day was particularly challenging for her. At the end of a regular phone call with Sophia on this day, she stepped outside to reorient herself with nature and looked up at the sky. The delight in her voice as she looked up was audible. She took this photo and shared it with Sophia: a heart-shaped cloud was a silver lining to her day.


Another one of Sophia’s clients was thrilled to share these photos with us.

He has been trying to get motivated to develop a routine for exercise. Social distancing has been a blessing in disguise; his focus has become clearer, and he was so excited to send these photos of the distance and the view on one of his walks.


It seems more important than ever to share our lives in pictures, and those unexpected magical moments that happen when there is no-one around, such as an eagle flying. 

Another one of Sophia’s clients shared these images from their home – “My touch of paradise at home”

He remarked: “I hope you can share these with other people.”  we could imagine the pride on this client’s face as he prepared this lunch for himself and his daughter.

These stories have inspired Sofia and us all here at EACH by showing new motivation, commitment and determination to get through these times and remain connected.

These experiences highlight the many parts of their lives that often go unnoticed, unseen, and unacknowledged, even more so now that we are experiencing more potential isolation.

Experiences like these are positive anchors which help to keep our emotional state hopeful and optimistic about the present and the future.

Sophia has expressed that receiving personal stories such as these makes her feel there is a deepening of her work on a whole new level.


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