Peter's Story

EACH has been working with Peter for nearly 2 years now. In that time Peter has made some great progress in terms of linking in with groups both through EACH and in the community including men’s sheds, cooking, art and sewing groups.

Peter used to work as an upholsterer and sometimes during visits to op-shops he collects upholstering materials. He is living at a Supported Residential Service (SRS) and when they discovered his skill as an upholsterer, they asked him to re-upholster their couches with the materials he had collected. Peter has now done this for three of their couches, which has given him a renewed sense of purpose and allowed him to utilise the skills he has as an upholsterer!


Peter on one of the couches which he re-upholstered at the SRS.

EACH’s Mental Health Recovery program provides structured groups, activities, social support and individual support for people aged 16 to 64 years with a diagnosed mental illness.

Support is provided in a variety of settings: outreach, site-based, one to one and in groups.

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