Sunshine and Chard! Healthy eating so kids thrive

Did you know children will eat Chard, raw? In recent months the team from Prevention and Population Health (PPH), in partnership with the fabulous volunteers from the Knox Community Gardens, have hosted nearly two hundred prep and grade 1/2 students, their teachers and parent’s helpers from schools in Bayswater on excursions to the Knox Community Gardens as part of our healthy eating program with local schools to improve healthy eating so kids thrive.

Every event was blessed with sunshine, and we witnessed children trying all sorts of raw food straight from the garden – green beans, parsley, silver beet and of course Chard, which was abundant.

We also now know that young children know quite a lot about healthy eating, fruits and vegetables.  Encouraging them to use their senses to learn about food supports them to be more adventurous with food in different contexts.  Other activities at the garden included potting up a lettuce for them to grow at home, a visit to a beehive and honey tasting, and preparing and eating Japanese pancakes (chock full of veggies).

The garden excursions were coupled with sessions we designed for school students that engaged them in delicious healthy food.  The sessions included creating a healthy lunchbox and Eating a Rainbow, which is a tasting session where students use their senses to try a range of fresh, colourful vegetables.

Some of the students, together with an adult family member, also participated in a Cooking with Kids session where they prepared a range of lunchbox items made from seasonal fruits and vegetables.  A firm favourite was the Rainbow Skewers!

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