Unexpected Experiences: Adam Maguire – Program Manager for Eastern Victims Assistance Program

In Adam Maguire, you get a sense of juxtaposition: he goes with the flow but is guided by unwavering purpose and a steady, unspoken commitment to be the best version of himself.

Content with the present and accepting of change as it comes, he’s well-suited to his role. As Program Manager for Victims of Crime, Adam faces challenges head-on, determined to come out the other side a stronger person and a better manager.


His experience coordinating support in the aftermath of the Bourke Street vehicle attack proves that he can handle anything thrown his way.

‘Support’ redefined

*Readers are advised that the following story contains descriptions of trauma and may be triggering.

Adam works under the banner of EACH, but a glance at his office reveals a quite different environment than you might expect – he’s currently stationed at a police station that EVAP co-locate at, managing our Victims Assistance Program team.

“When you say, ‘Support Worker,’ sometimes people assume mental health, youth work, or drug and alcohol recovery. People don’t often think about victims of violence and trauma. It’s a fascinating niche to work in.”

Adam always felt drawn to community support, but describes feeling under-equipped without an education. He returned to university as a mature-aged student, volunteering in the community throughout his degree. Then he began working with EACH in mental health support, before transitioning to his current team. It’s a role that has challenged him at every level.

“We work with people who have witnessed or been victims of crime. Our clients have often been through immeasurable trauma. It’s important that we have the right team members to offer support. We need people who are comfortable in this space, and who acknowledge the courage it takes for a client to allow us into this private space in their lives.”

Adam is an example of the resilience required to excel in this role. In his nine years with EACH, he’s been witness to a number of confronting and heart-wrenching situations. However, he reflects, the outcomes of the support he coordinates makes it all worthwhile.

A life-altering situation

Adam was a coordinator at the Crime Command police station during the first Bourke Street vehicle attack. In January 2017, a car was deliberately driven onto the footpath in Melbourne’s CBD, killing six people and injuring many more physically and psychologically. It was a period of his career which Adam will never forget.

“As the lead EVAP coordinator at this location, I was responsible for managing all referred witnesses and victims. My role was to connect people to support – there were 1200+ referred people impacted by this incident who needed to be allocated to services around Victoria.”

The situation sent shockwaves through the people of Victoria, and Adam was at the epicentre of the ensuing support network. Ultimately, Adam says he came through the challenge as a better leader in crisis than he was when he started.

“Beforehand, I don’t think I truly understood the depth of what victim support could entail. I didn’t know what I was made of as a professional until that moment, and the months that followed. I feel that if I could make it through that, I can handle anything thrown at me.”

Despite the seriousness of his role, Adam maintains a positive outlook on life – an important perspective for someone in his area.

“I try not get bogged down in things I can’t control. I try to always be present. I like to think I’m fun and lighthearted, but I understand when I need to switch into a more serious mindset. Being adaptable is important for somebody in my role, as well as being surrounded by supportive people. I’m so thankful we have that in our team.”

We’re incredibly grateful for the important, yet challenging, work Adam does for our community. Thank you, Adam, for all that you bring to our team.


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