Improve health outcomes for communities experiencing the greatest inequities


The EACH Prevention and Population Health Team recognise that equity is a key part of health and a fundamental human right.

Being healthy includes having equitable access to resources and opportunities and not experiencing discrimination based on our gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation and ability. A fundamental health need and human right is also to feel safe, respected, included and valued and not all groups in our communities experience this to the same degree.

A key strategic focus for our Team is addressing health and other inequities faced by a range of groups in our communities. We aim to do this in a way that keeps their voices and decisions at the centre and which builds from the strengths, skills, knowledge and assets of the communities themselves.

We value partnership and self determination and therefore work closely with and support community led organisations who are working on these areas of inequity. Within strive to contribute to broader change, including the policies, systems and cultures which underlie inequality.

To find out more about EACH Prevention and Population Health’s work in this area, follow the links below:


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