Prevention and Population Health

What is prevention and population health?

Prevention and population health interventions aim to prevent health and wellbeing problems from occurring at a root-cause level.  They seek to influence the structural inequities and socio-economic drivers that allow health and wellbeing problems to occur. This work is undertaken in partnership with community groups and settings, including schools, early childhood services, sporting clubs and community groups etc. to enable them to become actively involved in improving the health and wellbeing of the people they serve.  Advocacy also plays a vital role in this work.


                               Download the Prevention and Population Health team's Strategic Statement


Prevention and Population Health – Focus Areas

The Prevention and Population Health team is funded through the Department of Health’s Community Health – Health Promotion Program 2021-25 to:

It also offers the Achievement Program and supports early childhood services and schools that wish to participate. This extends the scope of the team’s focus areas beyond healthy eating and active living to include sun protection, mental health, safe environments, sexual health and tobacco, alcohol and other drugs as required.


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